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Best for Employers


GradSift uses an integrated assessment to let employers easily find and shortlist strong, well-rounded graduates. The ones you want to hire, with initiative, interpersonal skills and a genuine interest in your organization.

GradSift also helps you identify candidates with diverse backgrounds.  

Built-for-purpose, GradSift interprets graduate data across multiple criteria including academic performance and behavioural skills;  relevance of a candidate’s experiences to the employer role/work stream; and through video, communication skills and career interest with the employer. Cognitive ability is recognised as a causal effect of candidates ranking highly in GradSift.

Automated analytics provide demographic data, offer candidate profiles, campus and marketing channel effectiveness and more. Finally, real data to optimize marketing and spending!

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Best for Studentst for Students


Best for students because employers don't cull students based on a single arbitrary criteria. Instead employers choose who they bring forward after assessing a student's full background. That's an integrated assessment.

And it takes students only ten minutes with no resume upload. 







Screen and Shortlist in Seconds

Screening with GradSift is easy. Invite students to complete a GradSift profile, just as if you were asking them to complete a psychometric test. If you like, students can even nominate their preferred role/work stream.

Create your own GradSift Search Profiles. You can have as many as you like to reflect your different roles, work streams or locations. You can edit and copy Search Profiles to see how the results vary.

You can also apply filters for gender, diversity and past employer. Even foreign languages and technical programming skills.

When you're ready, watch and rate the recorded videos and choose who you want included in your final shortlist(s). 

It's so easy to do.

And the graphics make it really easy to compare students.

















 Watch how employers use GradSift filters and video to shortlist. Increases productivity, shortens the recruitment process and reduces costs.  


100% "Recommend to Other Employers"

Why? Employers love that it's "extremely easy to use". "It's streamlined our process and saved enormous amount of time and money". "There's depth and consistency to selection criteria and applicants are evaluated objectively and without bias". Unlike screening on cognitive ability "we can screen for our organisation's needs including personal attributes and candidate experiences ... and it's significantly cheaper". "Greater diversity of hires". 


Better Candidate Quality 

GradSift allows you to easily manage large volumes of candidate data. You can view video, go back and take a second look at a candidate, run searches for candidates from regional universities, use diversity filters* to come up with a balanced shortlist and much more. It's better than culling on a single measure like GPA or a cognitive test. GradSift gives you what hiring managers want: strong, well-rounded candidates.


Flexibility for Any Program  

GradSift can be set up to mirror your current program. If you require students to choose which program they prefer, that's easy with GradSift. You can set up as many programs as you like. If you need to shortlist for different roles from a single program, that's simple to do using GradSift Search Profiles. You can even let students nominate up to three role preferences. GradSift will also tell you if you've included a candidate in more than one shortlist. 


Put GradSift to the Test!

See if it's right for your organisation. It's free and simple. 


















Program Analytics

Now employers can start to take the guesswork out of marketing and use data to optimize marketing and campus strategies. How?

Learn which marketing channels attracted or influenced candidates to apply to your organisation. What was best? A particular graduate job board? Career fairs? Your graduate website?

Learn which campus activities worked and those that didn't. Drill down to individual university. Did that on-campus presentation prove to be successful attracting applicants and more importantly candidates you hired? Is that university career fair really worthwhile attending again?

GradSift's analytics is automated and really easy to use. You can even learn what influenced female STEM students to apply to your organisation.

Going forward, employers can use predictive hiring profiles to target strong-fit candidates.




Compare your Current Process to GradSift

See how your current shortlisting process compares to GradSift.

Whether it's manual screening, culling with psychometric tests, using an online form, or outsourcing. Click the tick and go.



Case Study

Two employer experiences using GradSift. Different approaches but with the same positive outcomes.

 Mirvac has been recognised as Australia’s most innovative property company. Their decision to use GradSift was founded on speeding up the screening and selection process, freeing up internal recruiter time and improving diversity of hires. Their senior HR executives were also interested in GradSift’s analytics capabilities.

 Mirvac’s selection process has early involvement from hiring managers. HR performs initial screening to present a shortlist to hiring managers, who decide who they bring forward to interview stage. Previously, HR and managers relied on resumes. The downside from this was that it was easy for managers to select candidates from established universities with a typical background.

Using GradSift, HR was able to create a unique search profile for each role. This automatically generated a screened ranking of candidates who met criteria. This alone saved HR an enormous amount of time. From the ranking, HR shortlisted candidates. Managers were given the GradSift ranking report along with the candidate’s original resume. Managers used that information to choose who they would interview.

The GradSift ranking report, highlighting overall academics, work experience and extra-curricular achievements was a new insight. It changed how managers assessed candidates and who they interviewed.

The results?

Greater diversity in hires. Mirvac liked that GradSift screens blind removing potential bias. GradSift’s rankings caused managers to interview candidates they might have otherwise not considered.

The quality of hires was excellent. “Quite a lot of the #1 or #2 ranked candidates turned out to be the ones we hired”.

Schneider-Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation with operations in more than 100 countries. Their decision to use Gradsift was to replace manual screening freeing up valuable HR management time.

As a leading global company, Schneider-Electric has very strict data security guidelines for its cloud-based suppliers. GradSift first had to complete a 350+ point questionnaire and assessment to ensure it met with world’s best practice in data security. Then we configured Schneider-Electric’s access to GradSift for “Single-Sign-On” access, a global standard for organisation-wide access to applications.

With GradSift up and running, HR used GradSift to screen and rank for its two graduate programs and two intern programs. Once students had completed their GradSift profiles, the screened and ranked results were available immediately. Next step was an invitation for shortlisted candidates to complete video interviews “all without HR ever opening a resume”.

The results?

"Fantastic! The quality of candidates was equal to or better than before”. "The cost of GradSift was easily better than bringing in a temp". 










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