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Screen High Volume Graduate and Intern Applications


Developed for high volume graduate and intern recruitment programs, GradSift is a powerful application using a complex algorithm to empirically assess applicants multi-dimensionally.


GradSift is founded upon deep domain knowledge of graduate recruitment. It uses machine learning to predict shortlisting success. For the first time, employers can screen and rank graduates across academics, work experience, achievements, technical skills as well as assessing for diversity.


Simple to use, it provides a powerful data analytics capability allowing employers to run multiple simulations, what-if's and rank applicants on different attributes. 






The Science Behind GradSift 


GradSift  has been developed using data from years of screening private sector and government graduate and intern applications. Deep analysis and testing has pinpointed key applicant data to predict shortlisting success.


Using machine learning the algorithm interprets the data, recognising an applicant’s unique attributes and indicators of behaviour, the relevance of their background to the employer and the employer's specific requirements.


The result is a balanced ranking of applicants based on all of their attributes.  



Fairer for Students


GradSift is a fairer way for employers to screen their graduate and intern applicants.


Employers receive hundreds or thousands of applications to their graduate and intern programs. Their challenge has always been how to efficiently but effectively screen those applications down to a more manageable number.


That’s why they use GradSift. GradSift helps employers evaluate applicants across academic performance, work experiences and extra-curricular achievements. The result is a balanced assessment, enabling employers to choose who to advance to the next stage of their assessment process. A better and fairer process for employers and graduates.


And what do students say about using GradSift?




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"It solves our problems of using GPA and doing testing before reviewing resumes"

""Manual screening used to take weeks to do. Now it takes minutes"

"GradSift is the ideal solution . . .  we currently use cognitive tests to do the initial screening but that gives mixed results" 

"Why would you bring in a temp to help on screening when GradSift is cheaper and faster"


Compared to outsourced manual screening or psychometric testing, GradSift is on average 60% lower in cost









Or to arrange a free demonstration (no sales pitch) contact:

Peter Pychtin


(61 2) 8188 2516

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