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About GradSift

GradSift is an Australian based technology group focused on innovative solutions for graduate recruitment. 

Our mission is to help employers and graduates connect efficiently, effectively and fairly. We have a pipeline of innovations under development to transform graduate recruitment around the world.  

For too long the graduate recruitment process been characterised by shotgun marketing, blunt culling tools and inefficiencies for employers and students. GradSift™ enables employers to assess graduates efficiently, effectively and fairly. And it takes students less than 10 minutes to create a profile without any resume upload.

With GradSift™’ analytics employers can streamline their marketing and assessment process reducing costs, improving hiring outcomes and giving back time to hiring managers and their recruiters. 

The GradSift team is led by Peter Pychtin, an expert in graduate recruitment with more than 20 years experience in Australia and North America. See Peter's LinkedIn profile The team includes world-class talent in software engineering and data science.



Data Security

GradSift places the highest importance on data security.  

GradSift is registered with the CSA, Security, Trust & Assurance Registry. CSA  (Cloud Security Alliance), is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment.

Anyone can access the global registry to view GradSift's security capabilities.






















Intellectual Property

GradSift is a registered trade mark.



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