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What makes GradSift the #1 graduate recruitment data and ai platform?

Well, here's what employers say:

"Firstly, it’s extremely easy to use. 

It’s streamlined our assessment process, increased efficiency and productivity and saved an enormous amount of time and money.

It’s given more depth and consistency to the selection criteria and applications are evaluated objectively and without bias.

Instead of screening on cognitive ability, we can screen based on the needs of our organisation including personal attributes and candidate experiences. Our random sampling supports this. The bonus is it’s significantly cheaper per candidate than cognitive testing.

All of this has translated to greater diversity at each stage of the assessment process including hires."


The only thing we at GradSift would add is that we have a 100% “would recommend to other employers” rating.










    Integrated assessment of candidates:

across academics, leadership, initiative, interpersonal and communication skills and employer interest.

    Candidate search options including diversity, technical skills and previous employer.

     Full flexibility to mirror any program structure and support unlimited roles/profiles.

     Analytics to optimize marketing and campus spend and develop hire candidate profiles

Recorded applicant video for fully integrated assessment. 

     Simple and intuitive to use. No set-up. Just sign in and go.


90 second video shows how employers use GradSift filters and video to shortlist.






















































Virtual Career Fairs

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could filter attendees? 

Everyone can attend the virtual career fair but with technology like GradSift, you can invite selected students to virtual meeting rooms with your managers. Imagine how powerful it would be to have your CEO speaking with 100 high calibre, graduates?

Like to learn more.? Take a look at this short video.




Employers of all size use GradSift


There is a GradSift solution for every employer#, whether you receive 200 or 10,000 applications.


#GradSift is an active member of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers




Compare your process

Manually Screen

Employers agree that GradSift screens and assesses applicants the same way they do manually. It lets them shortlist strong, well-rounded candidates and makes diversity selection simple. But it's all done in seconds, includes video and is backed by analytics insights they've never had before. GradSift is a better way.


Invaluable time saving - takes seconds instead of weeks

Screens for well-rounded candidates plus recorded video 

Flexibility, supporting diversity hires and to easily re-look at candidates

Analytics included for marketing, campus and assessment effectiveness

Just how much is your time worth?


Online Questionnaire Form

Questionnaire forms are static filters with yes/no responses. "Do you have leadership experience; have you had an internship?" It's not hard for students to tick the boxes. Forms lack flexibility for an employer to assess a student for roles with different requirements. They're outdated. It's time to upgrade with ai.


Screens for well-rounded candidates plus recorded video

More robust assessment than student "tick-the-box" questions

Flexibility to easily re-look at candidates on different criteria

Analytics included for marketing, campus and assessment effectiveness 

Much greater flexibility with candidate data to identify the right candidates.




Cognitive Testing

Many employers still use psychometric testing to initially cull applications. But culling on testing alone is seriously flawed. Research has shown that 50% of candidates rejected in cognitive tests had the interpersonal skills employers were desperate for. And that's the concern of employers. "We don't know how many great people we're rejecting".


Screens for well-rounded candidates (the ones you actually want to hire)

Integrated assessment of multiple attributes  - not just a single test

Cost savings with video included

Analytics included for marketing, campus and assessment effectiveness

Flexibility, supporting diversity hires and to easily re-look at candidates

Quality shortlist at a much lower cost.



Employers outsource for the strategic benefits of expertise and cost savings. Which is why they should ask their provider, what about GradSift? 


Cost savings of more than 50% versus outsourced

Screens in seconds with video included

Analytics included for marketing, campus and assessment effectiveness

Ask your provider to use GradSift and pass on the savings. Or take back the shortlisting function in-house.

It's minimal effort, saves big money and comes with analytics.


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