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Case Study

We recently completed a GradSift case study with a global company. The company was looking for a more efficient way to screen the nearly 2,000 job applications they received. They had multiple job streams for their graduate programs in both Australia and New Zealand. And they were facing the prospect of a cut-back to internal resources available for graduate recruitment.  

Local management liked what GradSift could do. But their global HQ required a business case to justify moving away from their current process.

The benefits of using GradSift were clear. Screening applications could be done in minutes, instead of weeks, which was important with reduced staff. Using GradSift was simple and easy. And it sped up the recruitment process, enabling the company to shorten its graduate recruitment cycle.

The cost to use GradSift was more than offset by the staff savings. But it also freed up the recruitment manager to spend time on more value-adding activities.    

To complete the business case, the company needed to demonstrate that GradSift would produce similar results to their manual screening.

To do that, the company provided GradSift with blind resume data of eighty applicants to their recent graduate program. It was a representative mix of applicants from hired graduates, through to applicants who made it part-way through the assessment process, to those who were knocked out at the screening stage. The objective was to compare how GradSift would screen and rank those applicants to the company’s own assessment.

The results were resoundingly positive with a strong correlation between the company’s assessment and GradSift. That included hired graduates being among GradSift’s top ranked applicants.

While most of the company’s roles required strong, well-rounded graduates they had a number of customer support roles where technical skills or academic performance were less important. However, they did require strong interpersonal skills. The graduates hired into these roles showed up on GradSift in the lower half for academics but stronger in extra-curriculars. This was consistent with how the company assessed them.

These results were included in the business case and it was forwarded to global HQ with a recommendation to use GradSift for future graduate and intern programs. 

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