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GradSift for Employers

GradSift makes graduate recruitment easier for employers and fairer for graduates, by using machine 

learning to better screen and shortlist high volume applications. 


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Positive Selection, not Rejection

The algorithm recognises the relevance of applicant attributes including indicators of initiative, leadership and influencing skills.

The outcome for employers is significantly improved quality and diversity of candidates.

Data analytics gives employers flexibility to run what-if's and rank on key attributes including diversity, language skills and technical skills.


Why Should Employers Use GradSift?

           Artwork: Gregor Cresnar Artwork: Gregor Cresnar

  • Compared to manual screening, GradSift takes minutes instead of weeks. That speeds up the recruitment cycle.
  • It's 60% lower in cost that outsourced screening or testing.
  • It's simply a more effective way to screen. Most employers screen graduates using filter questions or cognitive tests. But that assesses applicants on a single attribute - pass or rejected, regardless of their full background.  Strong applicants are screened out or discouraged from applying. While resources are wasted on weaker candidates who continue to the next stage of assessment.
  • GradSift provides new data analytics insights.


GradSift First, Testing Second

Screening with cognitive tests can be especially blunt.

Studies have shown that more than half of graduate applicants rejected through initial cognitive screening, in fact possess the behavioural attributes highly sought by employers.

Screen with GradSift first. Then run cognitive tests on the smaller GradSift shortlist. It allows employers time to evaluate applicants with marginal test results.

Testing now becomes an added-value assessment, not a blunt pass / reject tool.



  • Manage multiple programs by location/work stream/job function
  • Screen applicants across multiple dimensions
  • Set mandatory and/or preferred filters
  • Run what-ifs and rank on different attributes
  • Find applicants with specific background eg. diversity, skills
  • Easy for students – register once, no uploads, ten minutes

 How It Works


Employers use GradSift on a project basis under license. For example, a graduate program, an intern program, or a one-off high volume recruitment drive.

For small recruitment projects employers can choose pay-per-applicant of $10.


Number of 




10,000+ Negotiable
4,000 - 10,000 $22,000
2,000 - 4,000 $15,000
1,000 - 2,000 $10,000
500 - 1,000 $6,000
<500 $3,500


Note: Australian dollar prices exclude GST


Demonstration Request

Click the GradSift dots to request more information about GradSift or to arrange a demonstration (not a sales pitch): 

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